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The recently signed Economic Stimulus Package has extended and increased the tax credits available for energy-efficient home improvements. The following points summarize the provision:

  • Windows must be placed in service from 1/1/2009 through 12/31/2010

  • Must be for taxpayers Principal Residence

  • One time credit is available for 30%, up to $1500.00 max

  • Save your receipts and Manufacturers Certification Statement OR EnergyStar Label

  • Minimum Standards: U Factor <=.30 SHGC <=.30. Not all EnergyStar labeled windows qualify.

  • The credit is only allowed on the price of the qualified windows themselves, not on installation costs, onsite preparation, assembly or sales tax.

You will qualify for the tax credit by purchasing Vista Windows! The following is a list of qualifying Vista products:

Qualifying Products List

Not all EnergyStar compliant products meet the new standard for this tax credit, so copies of the NFRC label will not always suffice. For your records, the following certification statement has been provided. To claim your credit, retain a copy of your product receipt along with this statement.

Manufacturers Certification Statement

Be sure to consult Mid-South Exteriors to make sure you are ordering the right energy-efficient glass package with your Vista Windows.

For More Information:

Federal Tax Credits for Energy Efficiency: EnergyStar.gov

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