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Super Spacer

The insulated glass unit is the engine of your window…it drives thermal efficiency, lets in sunlight and protects you from harmful UV rays. Part of that engine is the glass SPACER. The glass spacer is what holds together the two (or three) pieces of glass that make up the “unit”. Thus the term, Insulated Glass Unit (IG).

Vista Window Company is proud to offer you the option of upgrading to the very best spacer system in the world today…Super Spacer.

The key difference with Super Spacer, is that instead of being made of metal, it is made of a structural foam called a Thermoset. The thermoset structural foam design of Super Spacer provides a wide array of advantages over traditional metal spacers including thermal performance, sound deadening and long term durability during the hot and cold seasonal temperature cycles.

Mold. A Growing Concern

Mold needs moisture to grow. In order to keep moisture off the glass, your windows need to have the warmest inside surface temperatures possible.

the world's warmest edge occurs with Super Spacer. This superior insulation means improved energy savings and substantially reduced condensation for overall window improvement.

Replacement window options, Super Spacer    Replacement window options, Super Spacer

Foam. The Ultimate Edge

Think about what your windows go through. They have to face extreme temperature changes all year. Plus, they're bombarded with UV rays, barometric pressure changes and nasty winds.

Luckily, there's a simply way to give your windows an advantage in reducing energy costs, ensuring durability and adding comfort and value to your home.

It's foam - a unique formula we call Super Spacer ®

Special Options Include:
Seal Smart Glazing System
Interior Woodgrain Finish
Panorainbow Exterior Color System

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