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Imagine the magnificent pink and blue hues reflected against the wispy clouds caressing the beautiful Pacific Ocean as the foaming white waves lap the glistening sands of the shore.

A fluttering butterfly with incredible vibrant yellow wings, framed in deep black with reds and brown interspersed, as the warm summer breeze caresses your face.

The satisfaction that you feel as you’ve just finished painting that extra bedroom…. FINALLY! And you are adding the last of the decorator touches. Matching comforter and pillows, drapes and blinds, colorful walls with the extra accent wall too! Man are you good... the room looks great!

Why would anyone want to limit their world, their decorating options to white???? Up to now almost all windows came in white and eh….. yeah……… white!

Vista Window Company prefers the world of living color. We prefer the real world that we all live in and experience every day.

With the Vista Panorainbow colorization system, which combines 6 interior finishes with 12 exterior color choices, you can truly create the home of your dreams.

When you select the Panorainbow option for your windows, Vista applies the finest exterior color option in the vinyl window business today! Our paint has been specially formulated for vinyl windows, engineered for maximum durability and heat reflectance.

Your world, Your family, Your home and Your life experiences are all in living color, why shouldn’t your windows be???
12 Stock Color Options
Custom Color Matches Available
Coatings Engineered for vinyl windows.

Download the full color brochure detailing the Panorainbow Color System

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