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About Us

Mid-South Aluminum Company, Inc. was established in 1958 by E.W. Fielder. Charter member of the Better Business Bureau since 1961. Associated with local television since 1962. Beginning with Country Junction hosted by Smiling Eddie Hill, who coined our Trademark phrase, "Don't Put It Off, Put It On" through the years with the Ralph Emery Show, to the current Channel 4 Morning Show.

When Mid-South Aluminum Company, Inc. was formed, the primary goal was to operate a home improvement company with a set of standards and ethics that would become a model for the entire industry. It being hoped that the success of such a company would cause others to follow suit and thereby benefit the consuming public as well as create a business in which all its participants would justly take pride.

Brenda, Jay Leno and E.W. Fielder
In order to achieve the purpose stated above Mid-South Aluminum Company, Inc. adopted the following philosophies:
  • Continually seek out and make available quality products demonstrated to be the best in exterior home improvements and offer warranties secured by dependable manufacturers.
  • Employ only representatives who will uphold our standard of ethics within the customer relationship, treating each fairly, offering reasonable estimates and respecting the needs and resources of each customer.
  • Always use skilled installation crews whose expertise displays their pride and willingness to carry through to the limits of their ability on every job.
  • Assure our customers complete protection by providing all insurance, permits and bonds.
  • support all national and local consumer protection agencies.

Mid-South Aluminum Company, Inc. has established itself as a successful home improvement contractor, well known and respected throughout the middle Tennessee area. This business will continue to maintain the integrity of our reputation. We wish to express our gratitude to those thousands of past, present and future customers who have helped us prove that truth and quality are the keys to success in this great country.

You can always put your home in our hands!

Charter Members since 1961!
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